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Committed to providing quality services
Posted by Marketing on September 12, 2014

As a not-for-profit care provider, we focus on providing the best quality care to our clients, their families and our staff.  We are strongly committed to providing the Collie community with quality aged care services and we will continue to provide support to residents with high care or dementia needs in the region.

We manage the ValleyView Residence on behalf of the Riverview Residence (Collie) Inc Board of Directors. The Board has tasked Southern Cross Care (WA) Inc (SCC) with ensuring that the delivery of quality care, as well as the viability and sustainability of ValleyView Residence, is long term.

The ValleyView Residence care facility in Collie was built with four wings and has had capacity for accommodation and high care support for 64 residents. We have monitored the demand for this amount of beds for a substantial period of time and it has been clearly evident the demand in the region for that number of high care beds is not present.

This means that from a diligence, care, and cost perspective, we have been sustaining more beds and staff numbers than what the community demand is for.  That’s why it is prudent to align the demand with cost to ensure long-term viability.

We are not withdrawing the beds indefinitely.  Should there be an increase in demand to warrant opening the wing we will ensure the wing is immediately put back on line to address the demand.

Until demand increases, ValleyView Residence will operate as a three-wing, 50-bed facility.

Together with the Riverview Residence (Collie) Inc Board’s endorsement, we have been openly communicating with residential care applicants over recent weeks to ensure they understand this. Applicants who have completed the application process in recent weeks have been informed that they will be placed on a waiting list until demand for the fourth wing has increased to make the wing viable again, or until a suitable alternative bed becomes vacant.

We have met with the Federal Member for Forrest Nola Marino and we have approached MLA Member for Collie-Preston Mick Murray in order to jointly approach the Commonwealth and State Government’s need to address sustainability and viability issues with appropriate support to care operators in these regions.

To ensure sustainability and viability as a provider of quality care in the region, we have been consulting closely with our residents and their families at ValleyView Residence and have mutually agreed on a solution which ensures zero interruption in care.  We have also been consulting and communicating with our staff.

In consultation and agreement with their families, over the past few weeks affected residents have begun to move internally within the facility to other wings where beds are available.   This has occurred with little or no disruption.  Ensuring the wellbeing and engagement of the current residents at ValleyView is our top priority during this transition period.  

Our role is to ensure we continually engage with the Riverview Residence (Collie) Inc Board of Directors, the community and our staff to ensure provision of the best and highest quality care outcomes to residents of ValleyView Residence. 

We look forward to providing ongoing high care support in the Collie region.