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Individualised Consumer Budgets and Fees under CDC
Posted by Marketing on July 8, 2015

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Consumer Directed Care came into effect on 1 July 2015.  As part of these reforms, Southern Cross Care (WA) Inc. (SCC) is required to make changes to our invoices and statements and to supply our Home Care Package clients with an update on their monthly budget.  Client budgets need to be transparent and outline all the costs that make up the delivery of services of a client’s Home Care Package.

Home Care Today, a national service providing CDC information, funded by the Federal Government Department of Social Services, has created a fact sheet for Home Care Package clients.  This document outlines the different terms that will now be used on all budgets by care providers across the aged care industry.  Terms such as administration fee, contingency fund, case management fee and other terms will be shown on Home Care Package budgets after 1 July 2015.

Another important compliance requirement is to ensure that all Home Care Packages are delivered under the CDC framework.  SCC, like other providers, will provide new agreements to clients referring to the CDC framework, or if their agreements are already compliant with CDC, they will send additional support documentation to outline any relevant changes to a client’s package.

Sandra Gibson, Senior Manager – Metropolitan Home Care Services said: “Consumer Directed Care will improve client understanding of their Home Care Package. There will be more transparency around our billing and budgets, as well as the ability for customers to have greater choice and control over the services they receive from us.  Home Care Today is a great source of CDC information from COTA and the Department of Social Services for clients and their families.”

For clarification on terms such as administration fee, contingency fund and case management fee from Home Care Today, please click this link:


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