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Employed Carers Program

Southern Cross Care’s Employed Carer Innovative Program (ECIP) provide assistance to employed/studying primary carers by helping them with tasks that would normally take them out of work or study and remove some of the burden associated with being a carer. 

ECIP Services

Delivered by a dedicated team, services offered through the ECIP include: 

  • Transporting care recipients to and from appointments
  • Staying with the care recipient during the appointment, if required
  • Providing appropriate feedback to the primary care about the appointment
  • Attend to follow-up requirements after the appointment (e.g. help book the next appointment)
  • Go to the chemist following medical appointments, if necessary
  • Take the care recipient to other services, such as pathology tests 

ECIP Eligibility

To be eligible to access this service you must be: 

  • Caring for an older Australian (65 years or over, or 50 years or over for an Indigenous care recipient); and
  • In substantiated employment; or
  • Have definite substantiated plans to return to work; or
  • Undertaking related vocational training or study. 


Access to this service for up to 10 hours per month is under part fee subsidisation ($5 for every hour of service, with a minimum of one hour per day).  After this, the fees are based on a full cost recovery basis. 

Terms and conditions are available, which explain the fee structure. 

Accessing ECIP

To access the ECIP service you can contact us by: 

Phone:              (08) 9282 9966