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Part II: Creating Hope for Tomorrow
Oh, My Aching Back: Low Back Pain – Part II
by Professor Visser, Churack Chair of Pain Management

Managing your low back pain

You may notice that health care professionals often talk about pain ‘management’ and not pain ‘cure’. Realistically, a ‘cure’ for back pain is difficult to achieve (probably less than 20% of cases). Many patients spend their lives going from doctor to doctor, physiotherapists to chiropractors, herbalists to surgeons, looking for that elusive cure— this can be disheartening, exhausting and expensive.

However, this doesn’t mean nothing can be done for low back pain—we can often reduce the pain’s severity and impact on your life, so you can remain independent and self-caring.

Managing low back pain requires a team approach (called ‘multidisciplinary’ in the trade) including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and psychologists. Simply treating back pain with medications, spinal injections or physiotherapy alone without a coordinated approach is usually not successful. Remember, the most important members of your pain management team are you and your carers.

Geriatric rehabilitation teams including GPs, medical specialists and physiotherapists are very helpful in providing support and keeping you up and running! Ask your GP about them!

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Disclaimer: General information only–not intended as specific clinical advice or treatment. The author cannot take responsibility for any outcomes related to this information. Always see your health care professional if you have concerns about your back pain.

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